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This Sunday, 29 November is the First Sunday of Advent (year B)
The slogan ‘take the waiting out of wanting’ was very popular a few decades ago at the height of economic prosperity. We would all like to have things when we decide we want them. The slogan still governs a great deal of the way that we behave. Waiting seems negative, passive and boring.
            Advent is a time of waiting. We remember the time of waiting in the Bible when people were longing for something that would change everything. We read how people longed for an end to slavery, longed to return home, longed to feel close to God, and longed to be spoken to and reconciled. The prophets used the language of imagery and metaphor about the desert blooming, rain falling and a new day dawning after the long night of darkness.
            Advent has the same purpose. It calls us to be alert, aware and attentive. Today’s second reading from St. Paul alerts us that God is faithful; by him we were called into the fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.’
Have a Blessed Week, Canon Niall


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Reopening of the Church: As the lockdown is ending, from Wednesday 2nd December we will have public participatory mass and from the same day there will be no live-streaming of Mass. In the meantime, the link for joining live-streaming Mass is here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTi5MWZzTWsJzZ-RLVbbdnQ
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