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Words from Canon Niall 
Today we are walking with a sizeable band of disciples, in step with Jesus, towards Jerusalem. He is heading there, not as a visitor but as a prophet. Everything he says and does challenges the world view of the city’s religious leaders. His teachings and actions are contrary to their ways of thinking. He is counter-cultural. And he is open-eyed about the consequences.
Jesus’ instructions to his apprentice missionaries are at odds with what is usual. They are to enter all homes-left, right and centre- with the godly gift of ‘Peace to all’ and not just to members of their specially favoured nation. Within respectable Jewish culture, this is a major ‘no-no’. They are to ‘salute no one on the road’. Another serious no-no for it goes against their norms of hospitality which require of the saluting party to spend a whole day as a guest of the saluted one. But Jesus does not wish any custom to deflect his trainees from their prime purpose. Once again, he goes counter-cultural for the sake of a higher goal. This is a formula that can land him-and us- with a crown of thorns.
 Fr Michael (Assistant priest of Our Lady and St George’s parish) celebrates his First anniversary of Priestly Ordination on Sunday 10th July.   
Fr Nixon Gomes who preceded Fr John Victor as  hospital chaplain  and  priest of this parish celebrated his Silver Jubilee of  priesthood at the end of April. Fr Nixon is now parish priest of Holy Family Parish, Witham.
LATE VOCATION TO THE PRIESTHOOD: A vocation discernment weekend for men between the ages of 30 and 55 will take place at St Beuno’s in North Wales from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th September 2022.  The direct link for further details and booking: Discernment Weekend
  • Thresholds of Hope : the Vicariate for Adult Formation - another wonderful tool when proclaiming the good news of God's grace to all. St John Henry Newman believed that the lay faithful were to take a full part in the life of the Church, to be confident in expressing their Catholic Faith and willing to share its beauty with others. Hope you find this resource useful; more here


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